Chrome Pony releases Past Lives

In the midst of supporting Cage the Elephant on a two week tour through Europe, brothers Tyler and Kyle Davis along with JOTA ESE and Ric Allesio released Past Lives under their band name “Chrome Pony”. The six song release comes almost perfectly in the middle of their European tour which should benefit both Chrome Pony and Cage the Elephant with increased turnout over the 7 remaining shows.

For those interested, the tour continues on the following dates:

Date Location
2/19 UNITY WORKS -Wakefield
2/20 02 RITZ MANCHESTER – Manchester
2/22 LE TRABENDO – Paris, France
2/23 UNDERGROUND – Köln, Germany
2/24 MELKWEG – Amsterdam, Netherlands
2/25 POSTBAHNHOF – Berlin, Germany
2/26 VEGA – Copenhagen, Denmark

Although the EP is relatively short, the group shows very quickly that they have an unbelievable amount of talent. Although “Past Lives” and “Ragged Child” are the two more notable songs because of their early release, the EP’s initial song “Road Dope” displays their versatile skills the most. They carry a familiar tone that reminds you of different artists transcending the past two decades. The band knows where they currently stand in the music industry, but their main focus is to put out enjoyable music and they certainly succeeded in doing so.

For more information about the band or getting tickets to their shows, visit their website. If you want to follow them on social media they are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take listen to Past Lives today, and if you like what you hear take a listen to any of their other three records: Illegal Smiles, Lazy Bones, and You are the Pisces.

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