Trailers of the Week: Feb. 15, 2016

The trailers of the week is no longer like the He-Man Woman Haters Club (Little Rascals reference for those unaware), we have added a female contributor this week in my friend Alyssa. As expected and as I hoped for, we have found yet another different perspective through which to look at the trailers. I can’t stress enough how valuable diverse perspectives are when it comes to art of any kind and it’s something we are working on here. So please, share your thoughts in the comments section. We’d love to have you.

Moving forward to this week’s trailers we have six trailers right off the top that are for movies that are either essential viewing or are at least incredibly interesting in regards to cultural and industry impact. It’s a little dodgy after that for the trailer reviewers, but maybe not for you, I’m the first to admit that Melissa McCarthy films are not my thing nor are things like ‘The Purge’. Which again, is why different perspectives are so nice to have.

Make sure you stick around until the end. The very last trailer that got added this week ended up being one of the most intriguing ones we’ve had in awhile. It was a nice suprise to end the week.

Jason Bourne (July 29)

A(lyssa) – Did Jason Bourne become a UFC fighter between the last movie and this movie? That’s an interesting development. Even if it’s ridiculous, the one punch knock-out was highly enjoyable. Yes please.

A- There’s only so much you can say about :30 seconds of anything, so I’ll keep this succinct: !!!!!

The Jungle Book (April 15)

A(lyssa) – Walken as King Louie… I mean… come on. Fantastic. Scarlett Johansson as the snake, great interpretation of the character. Plus it’s exciting to not be terrified of Ben Kingsley for a first.  

A- I cried at the first ‘Jungle Book’ trailer. During this one I felt the emotions swelling, but I thought I could hang on. And then that modified version of ‘The Bare Necessities’ crept into the score and I lost it (I was surprised it’s spelled ‘Bare’ and not Bear. That threw me for a second.). The animated ‘Jungle Book’ is one of my two favorite Disney movies and to see it “live”-action is like a childhood dream coming to life.

The Lobster (March 11)

A(lyssa) – …….? Well I’m certainly intrigued. Still laughing at the fact that targets are single and not couples.

A- This is lovely. Sincerity is not something commonly applied to romance in movies anymore and originality even less so. This appears to have it in spades. I’m concerned this might be deemed to “weird” for mainstream audiences, but I have a feeling this will end up on or near many top 10 lists at the end of the year.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25)

A- This is the first trailer for this film that has inspired a good bit of confidence (unfortunately it has come after so many trailers that have ruined confidence). Someone on Twitter described this as a 90’s action film trailer and I totally get that vibe. It is far more interesting than the seriousness and bombast of the previous ‘B v S’ trailers. This one is actually kind of cool and testosterone filled whereas the others were on steroids to the point of being too pumped up.

A(lyssa) – eh.

The Invitation (April 8) *Andrew’s Trailer of the Week*

A- The use of space and the editing in this trailer was wonderful. It’s not just that the close-ups and long shots are evocative and used to convey the emotions and current states of the characters, but the way they are placed throughout this trailer leaves the viewer unsettled. The trailer vacillates not between moments of peace and suspense, but rather different ways of creating suspense through it’s use of space. This movie is flying up my list for this year.

A(lyssa) – I will take it as a good sign, that I was very aware of my heart rate while watching this.

High-Rise (April 28)

A(lyssa) – I feel like I read this in honors english. If not, it feels just like every book one reads in honors english in high school. Not necessarily a bad thing.

A- This isn’t not true. And that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited that Ben Wheatley is directing because this will be unlike any film adaptation of a book you read in high school. This is going to get odd and existential and philosophical and flat-out bizarre. I can’t wait.

The Brothers Grimsby(March 11)

A- I didn’t know how to express my thoughts for this and then as I was reading an article about something else I read the line “His usefulness to society has ended”. So I’m just going to steal that and insert Sacha Baron Cohen as the “his” in that sentence.
A(lyssa) – No.

The Program (March 18)

A(lyssa) – Wouldn’t it be weird to be the subject of a movie? Don’t think I’d care much for it.

A- It’d be weird if you’d done something bad. What are you hiding? Anyway, this looks okay. It looks very biopicy. For some reason spellcheck didn’t complain about biopicy. The second time it cared. I’ll move on.

Mr. Right (April 8)

A(lyssa) – They made this already once. Gerard Butler was in it… It wasn’t good.

A- I like that. “It wasn’t good.” I’ll go with that.

The Boss(NSFW) (April 8)

A(lyssa) – I’m not watching another trailer for this.

A- I try to understand Melissa McCarthy, but I don’t think I ever will.

Criminal (April 15)

A(lyssa) – The premise is very interesting. But Costner seems … lacking. I’d redbox it.

A- The whole thing felt like it was sleepwalking. That’s not a good sign. And didn’t Ryan Reynolds sort of make this movie last year with ‘Self/less’?

The Huntsman Winter’s War (April 22)

A- This is the ultimate in “I’m never going to see this…hold up, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and JESSICA CHASTAIN are in this?!!!” movie. This is the biggest movie battle yet between my brain and my heart.

A(lyssa)-  If Jessica Chastain is in this, I feel as if there is a third party in this battle going unmentioned…

Mother’s Day (April 29)

A(lyssa) – Are they just going to go through all the holiday’s then? Okay.  

A- I have nothing.

The Purge: Election Year (July 1)

A- I’m still too freaked out by the trailer for the very first ‘Purge’ movie to ever consider watching one.

A(lyssa) –  Then why put it on here? I refuse to click this link.

A- People care. I don’t always know why. But they do.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (July 8)

A(lyssa) – Sometimes things make you chuckle, and then you immediately feel shame for chuckling.

A- I feel shame for you as well.

How Heavy This Hammer (TBA)
A(lyssa)- How fantastically human. This has the potential to be excellent.

A- This movie might wreck me. If this held any longer on that final shot of him ignoring his wife to play a videogame it might have done so already. Here’s hoping this finds a domestic release in 2016.

Image via Screen Rant

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