TW Walsh – “Young Rebels”

Since Songs of Pain and Leisure was released in 2011, TW Walsh spent 18 months with a mysterious, debilitating illness, got interested in eastern mysticism, and started thinking about new ways to bring classic music production techniques together with modern technology.

Far from your run of the mill music, TW Walsh and his soon to be debuted album Fruitless Research represent a different approach to music. While many stick to one style and work within those confines, TW Walsh seeks to expand those limitations by moving between and mixing together different techniques. Working with Yuuki Matthews, “Young Rebels” shows the production design for Matthews who worked by “keeping only the vocal and some drum elements, and building a new chord progression around the melody” for the album.

TW Walsh releases Fruitless Research this Friday, February 12th. If you cannot wait that long, visit his website to hear and watch more content. If you are on the fence about the album, take a look at our full length review on the morning of release and maybe you’ll be convinced it’s worth a listen.


*All content provided by Noisy Ghost PR

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