shirlette ammons – “Earth Intro”

Straight to the point. Every song made has a good side and a bad side. The difference between songs that are remembered and those that are forgotten is the balance between these two sides. Quite frankly, “Earth Intro” may be too balanced. It works as both background noise because of the fantastic instrumentals, but also has a message to tell if you listen to the lyrics. The major downside is that the lyrics are sometimes overshadowed by the other sounds. Nevertheless, shirlette ammons provides a nice look into the upcoming album, Language Barrier (to be released this Friday, February 5), with a song that begins to help us understand how love changes based upon perceived barriers.

shirlette ammons releases Langauge Barrier this Friday, February 5th. If you cannot wait that long, visit her website to hear and watch more content. If you are on the fence about the album, take a look at our full length review on the morning of release and maybe you’ll be convinced it’s worth a listen.

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