TW Walsh’s “Public Radio” shows promise

A life-threatening illness is often a way of gaining perspective of one’s life. For TW Walsh, he started to study eastern mysticism and culture.

Although Walsh still doesn’t know what exactly was wrong with him, he does know that he is proud of his new album.

Walsh put Fruitless Research together over the course of a year with the help of Yuuki Matthews (The Shins, David Bazan, Crystal Skulls, Teardrops).

“Yuuki reworked the songs from the ground up – keeping only the vocal and some drum elements, and building a new chord progression around the melody. In other cases, he added overdubs and did some creative editing. But in every instance, his vision pushed the song over the edge into something exciting… something that I wouldn’t have done on my own,” Walsh said.

“Public Radio” is the first track on the album. His other track, “Young Rebels” is always available to stream from Graveface Records.

The sensorial melodies and prevailing drum kit makes this music stand apart. These songs were reworked from Walsh’s guitar and drum kit into the finished mystical product that lays before you.

“Lyrically, this record documents a time of upheaval, discovery and change for me,” Walsh said. “I turned 40 right in the middle of it. I’ve been working through a lot of existential stuff. At some point, you gotta take a hard look at reality. Try to figure out what your life means. For real. I guess that’s how I’ll be spending the next 40.”

“Public Radio” is a fantastic approach to modern music and is worth listening to again and again. Nice work to Yuuki Matthews and his great editing and remastering of the track but Walsh deserves all of the credit for making this album into the success that it can be, depending on potential exposure.

TW Walsh’s album, Fruitless Research, can be preordered here.

*Images via Graveface Records

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