shirlette ammons releases “Aviator ft. Amelia Meath”

With her sophomore album just weeks away, North Carolina native shirlette ammons has given fans a nice little preview. Language Barrier will be released on February 5th through Churchkey Records and SugarQube records. Because of today’s release of “Aviator” to her listeners, the anticipation continues to build for the upcoming debut.

One of the signatures of shirlette ammons’ music is a certain flow to whatever type of music she produces. A sound that captures and harnesses your attention, the lyrics are sometimes muddled within the rest of the music. Some music enthusiasts believe that the lyrics of many songs have come too much to the forefront and the actual music has been dampened because of it. ammons’ seems to have a blend where neither one really takes charge which is part of what makes “Aviator” in particular a song that can be played over and over.

shirlette ammons will release Language Barrier on February 5th, 2016. If you want more coverage on her you can find most of her material here on the JailHouse, as well as on her own website.


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