Kristy(2014): A Chilling Cat and Mouse Horror Movie

Kristy is a movie I came across randomly on Netflix. If you’re an avid fan of horror movies as I am, you need more than the poorly made Paranormal Activity movies for your fix and will watch anything that looks appealing. That being said, Kristy is a movie that surprised me. It struck me as hybrid between The Strangers and The Purge (coming from a huge admirer of The Strangers). Kristy does a great job of creating scares with ease and strategic placement rather than cheap, jump scares.

Kristy stars Haley Bennett as Justine, a charming and kind girl who rubs a gas station stranger the wrong way. I enjoyed the way the movie mainly takes place at a college campus, not too different than my own, because it added a certain close-to-home chilling effect. Bennett is an enjoyable actress to watch and showed me that she’s better than a B-movie actress. It appears her next big role is in Girl on A Train, the acclaimed bestseller, which I’m excited for, so keep an eye out for her.

Like the scene featured in the main picture, Kristy has many unsettling moments and camera angles that simply creeped me out. I wouldn’t say this film has the best storytelling, but I was less concerned about it because other aspects were done well. I recommend you give it a watch for yourself.


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One thought on “Kristy(2014): A Chilling Cat and Mouse Horror Movie

  1. Finally. Saw this is Italy and it was terrific. My only guess it never got released was no-name cast, and it feels like a one-role movie. More depth than most of the other crap released last year. Aside from the credit sequence which I hated, the movie was great


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