New Album: Goldlink – And After That, We Didn’t Talk

And After That, We Didn’t Talk. Vague, yet clear. Everyone at some point in their life has had that one person, the one that changed them deeply. Not necessarily for better or for worse, but different. Whether a successful or failed relationship, the impact this type of person has on someone is everlasting and the memory never fades. Goldlink is no exception. He crafted a love letter out of beats and rhymes and what he says acts as words on pages. It is incredibly personal, but at the same time, completely relatable to anyone who listens. It goes through everything. The highs and the lows. The happiness and the pain. The lust and the temptation. The beginning and the end.  The album captures the experience of love for what it really is: the most complex part of life. Lose yourself in the music and remember that feeling.

Album Rating: 8.0/10

Individual Song Ratings:

After You Left – 7.5/10

Zipporah – 8/10

Dark Skin Women – 8.5/10

Spectrum – 8.5/10

Dance On Me – 8.5/10

Late Night – 8/10

Palm Trees – 7/10

Unique – 9/10

Polarized – 7.5/10

New Black – 7.5/10

See I Miss – 8/10


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