That’s a Bunch of Mularkey

The Tennessee Titans have given head coach Kent Whisenhunt the boot after one and half underwhelming seasons. The team has designated Mike Mularkey as interim-head coach for the rest of the season. In Whisenhunt’s 23 games with the Titans, he was only able to lead his team to a measly three wins.

Recently fired Coach Ken Whisenhunt
The Titans were supposed to be a “sleeper” team with some good acquisitions during the offseason: linebacker Brian Orakpo, cornerback Perrish Cox, and wide receiver Harry Douglas were all brought on. In addition to many signings in the offseason, the Titans also had a decent draft lead by quarterback Marcus Mariota and wide receiver Dorial-Green Beckham. With Whisenhunt gone, “the heat is on” Mike Mularkey to get this team performing better.

Now that it is Mularkey’s time to shine; he needs to get his team, that looks good on paper, playing to their capabilities. The expectation is that Mularkey will win even though the team is working through some injuries. Although, if he can get his newly acquired team playing well, the AFC South is still up for grabs. Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts keep shooting themselves in the foot, while the Jacksonville Jaguars are still the Jaguars and the Houston Texans are just getting worse every year. With how bad the division is playing, the Titans could feasibly sneak into the playoffs with a losing record, the most notable team to do that was the Seahawks in 2010.

Interim Head Coach Mike Mularkey
Titans fans can only hope Mularkey will be better than Whisenhunt. Otherwise, the team could be stuck in a vicious cycle of firing and hiring coaches, like the Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville Jaguars. Mularkey has been an offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins (demoted) and Atlanta Falcons (left for Jaguars). He’s also been head coach for the Buffalo Bills (resigned) and the Jaguars (fired). The Titans believe in Mularkey and need him to guide the team in the right direction, or else they will have to wisen up and hunt down another head coach.


*Images from CBS Sports, Sports Talk Florida, and

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