The Walking Dead: Why Glenn Needs to Stay Dead

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead had audiences tearing up and throwing everything within arm’s reach at their television sets. This episode had audiences frightened for their favorite characters’ lives with three different groups in danger. Everyone’s least favorite Alexandrian, Nicholas, is the cause of what appears to be Glenn’s death. After Glenn attempts to convince Nicholas that he has truly changed, Nicholas thanks Glenn but then suddenly shoots himself while they are stuck on top of a dumpster surrounded by a herd of walkers. As Nicholas falls into the herd, he takes Glenn with him breaking the hearts of all watching. It then appears to be Glenn being eaten alive by the herd, however many think it is actually Nicholas on top of Glenn being eaten.

Glenn 2

Now I am a huge fan of Glenn because he is (was?) one of the only characters left with a sense of morality and hope. However, I will give you three reasons why Glenn should be killed off, instead of miraculously making it out alive.

1. A Second Heartbreak:

If the writers of The Walking Dead decide not to kill off the fan favorite, there is still the likely possibility that Glenn will die later on in the series. After 18 million people suffered through the heartbreak of his presumed death once, they might quit watching the show if he is killed off for a second time. Personally, I went through three stages of grief: denial, anger, and acceptance. Although many fans were furious with this death, it would be a disservice to them to keep Glenn alive when many of them accepting the outcome of the episode.

2. No one is Safe:

To keep a sense of realism, many popular shows have resorted to killing off main characters even if they are fan-favorites. Lost was known for killing off a lot of people (literally everyone) but perhaps the most popular is Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones had the balls to kill off the main character (Eddard Stark) in the first season and has since remained one of the most popular shows on television by doing this. The Walking Dead has not killed off a fan-favorite since Beth or even Hershel meaning it was time for them to off yet another to provide the realism that sadly comes with this world.

3. No Escape:

There have been countless theories regarding Glenn’s survival from the outrageous to the somewhat believable, but there really is no escaping for Glenn. If the walkers aren’t eating him then how is he going to get out from under Nicholas and escape the massive herd surrounding him? Many believe he could crawl underneath the dumpster and wait it out, however there are a couple of walkers that could get him before he gets to the dumpster. Also in order to do this, Glenn would have to move Nicholas’ body while not being attacked, which seems unlikely. Others believe Maggie and some Alexandrians will come to rescue him but everyone knows the massive herd can not be stopped by a couple of extra bodies. If any of these theories become reality, it proves AMC will create any ridiculous story in order to save characters from the main group.

Many of the readers of this article will probably be upset at the fact I don’t seem attached to Glenn, which is completely false. Glenn (as well as Beth and Hershel) represented the moral compass of the group and it definitely angers me that they keep killing off this type of character. With that being said, the resurrection of Glenn would have people questioning the seriousness and genuineness of the show, which is why I hope AMC stays true to the writers by keeping Glenn dead. RIP Glenn.

Glenn 3


* All images from AMC

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