St. Niklas releases Origo EP

“’Fire With Fire,’ from St. Niklas’s new EP Origo, what a great track to begin with, but wait for it, cause Rykkinfella now really brought a differend kind of life to it. He transformed the original, more guitar driven track into a chill summery track, with an irresistible vibe.

-MTV Norway

The product of a Norwegian upbringing, St. Niklas brings a new look to music, yet creates a product that is somehow reminiscent of something we already know. The six song EP includes three original songs: “Proud”, “Fire with Fire”, and “Everything in Your Hands” plus three remixes of these songs.

When I first read the concept of the EP, I honestly did not know what to expect. Part of me felt that there are so many takes on “Indie Pop” that they begin to sound the same, but at the same time I knew that it is an umbrella term that unfairly is used to describe the music. After listening through a few times, Origo is the latter. While there are certainly sounds that I have heard before; these sounds feel like a faint memory, rather than a recent activity. 

The first three sings maintain the same upbeat, naturally uplifting aura throughout, making the songs as enjoyable as a whole as they are individually. However, that feeling is lost when the remixes are wedged onto the back end. Trying to show off an ability to manipulate the songs, the remixes feel forced and unwarranted. The songs that were introduced felt like they could be something special because of a juxtaposed, nostalgic look to the future. The remixes completely take away from that. Sounding more like the music that is produced every day, Origo transforms from a promising project to just a few good singles.

While I was surprised at the enjoyment I found with the first half of Origo, the remixed back half completely turned me off from the rest of it. St. Niklas definitely shows promise though, and that is enough to keep me tuned in for any future release.

Songs to Remember: The first three

Songs to Forget: The last three

Rating: 4.9

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