The Den: A Creepy, yet Well-Thought Out Movie

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The Den is a film that I hadn’t heard about until someone’s website had a list recommending it. It sounded similar to the plot of the movie Unfriended, which I walked out of the theater deeply regretting having bought a ticket for. I should have known that a horror movie released in April would be set up for failure. Anyhow, I thought The Den had an intriguing plot.

The likeable main character Elizabeth, played by Melanie Papalia, conducts a project where she logs onto a video chat website to study the habits and characteristics of the people she meets. Elizabeth meets a few nice people, a couple naked guys, and also some weird people. Everything is going fine until she connects with a webcam and it appears that a teenage girl is savagely murdered before her eyes.

Some of the scenes in this movie are very creepy, but they work well with the whole idea that you don’t know who’s watching you or what they can see through your webcam or the internet. In a world enveloped by technology today, this film plays to people’s fears and hits a media medium close to home. This movie does a great job of keeping you in suspense and giving you plenty of good scares.

I’d recommend this film for anyone craving a good, creepy movie in the weeks coming before Halloween. It’s disappointing how few horror movies get released nowadays and how even less of them are satisfactory quality. Anyhow, check out The Den on Netflix and comment below some of the less-known horror movies that you enjoy.

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