Blink (1994): An intriguing and entertaining crime thriller

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Blink was a movie I stumbled upon the other day when I was “jonesing” for a good psychological thriller. I read the synopsis and was immediately drawn to the unique and peculiar story line. The movie stars Madeleine Stowe as Emma Brody, a woman who was the suffered blindness in both of her eyes as a child. The plot starts when she has a procedure done twenty years later to restore her eyesight by installing corneal implants. From there the story really takes off.

Emma is in her 20s now and plays the violin in a Celtic folk band. After the procedure to restore her eyesight, her eyes are still developing, so her vision is compromised. She stumbles when she walks around and still utilizes her seeing eye dog. One night Emma hears a noise outside her apartment door. When she opens the door, she sees a blurred man leaving her neighbor’s apartment. She assumes it’s her landlord and says his name. The person quietly whispers for her to go back to bed. Emma is suspicious and tells the police the next day, but they don’t believe her. They are forced to reconsider when Emma’s neighbor is found dead in her apartment.

This movie takes the typical crime thriller and distorts it in the best way. Did I mention that Emma is afflicted by a real life syndrome called Retroactive Hallucinations? Sometimes Emma sees things hours or days after they happen in reality, due to her corneal implant procedure. It makes for a mind-bending premise that puts you in Emma’s shoes.

Before this movie I was not familiar with Stowe’s acting, but I was certainly impressed with her role in this movie. It can’t be an easy task to go from playing a blind woman to one who can partially see. I recommend this film for anyone who appreciates films that perplex the mind and keep it guessing.

*Image from Cord Cutters

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