Fear the Walking Dead – Not Fade Away Review

Fear the Walking Dead has lost some viewers through the first weeks of its first season; however, it should not lose anymore after this stunning episode following last week’s masterpiece. Not Fade Away fast-forwards a week after we meet the National Guard as they enter Madison’s neighborhood. While Travis remains completely oblivious to the horrible circumstances around him, Madison finds it difficult to cope with the amount of people living in her house. Although the National Guard tells everyone there is nothing living outside the walls, Chris sees a reflection coming from a building window miles away, believing the National Guard is keeping a secret.

FearTWDNotFade 2

Curious about the reflection, Madison decides to venture outside the walls to see what has truly happened. She is distraught to discover bodies lying in the streets of neighborhood, some have turned while others are just children shot in the head. The National Guard appears on the street to do a walk through, forcing Madison to hide next to a dead walker under a car. As she returns, Daniel sees the fear in her eyes as she explains exactly what the world has come to.

FearTWDNotFade 3

Meanwhile, Dr. Bethany Exner discovers Liza is not a nurse, but decides to use her to help convince patients to come with them to a nearby hospital. Daniel shares a story with Madison in which the government in El Salvador did a similar thing before he escaped, but instead of helping them, the government killed the citizens. Madison sees the doctor as well as Liza talking with Nick about his addiction and how he has overcome it. When the National Guard surprises the families in the middle of the night, they take both Griselda as well as Nick, who attempted to run but was hit by a guard. As the episode ends, Liza decides to abandon her son and the others by leaving to assist the doctor at the “hospital”.

This episode was just as riveting as the last, even though no walkers were present. The turn this show is taking differs greatly from The Walking Dead. This will in turn give audiences a fresh take every episode and the sense of not knowing. It will definitely be interesting to discover what exactly is going on with the “hospital”. My prediction is the flickering in the window is where they are taking the patients to perform various tests and ultimately kill them. Hopefully we will find out more before this season ends, as we know AMC likes to take long breaks between seasons.

Episode Score: 9/10

Images Courtesy of AMC

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