Fear the Walking Dead – The Dog Recap

This episode of Fear the Walking Dead comes at the midpoint of its premiere season, bringing all the characters together once again. We pick up where we left off with Travis, his ex-wife Liza, and their son Chris taking shelter inside the Salazar’s barbershop. Shortly thereafter, the Salazar’s as well as the others are forced out of the shop as a fire is closing in. While on the run back to Travis’ truck, Griselda Salazar (the mother) is trapped beneath a scaffold and badly injures her foot. After lifting the scaffold off her leg, the rest of the group makes its way back to the truck and heads toward the nearest hospital. However, when the hospital is found to be overrun and ablaze, Travis makes the decision to head back to Madison’s house in search for the others.

FearTWDTheDog 2

Meanwhile, Madison tries to stall informing Alicia about the outbreak; however, is rushed into telling her when their neighbor Mr. Dawson (who has turned) enters their house as Travis and his group are pulling into the driveway. Mr. Dawson attempts to bite Travis, however Daniel Salazar (the father) shoots Mr. Dawson twice from point-blank range, saving Travis. The entire group spends the night before trying to go their separate ways the next morning; however, the plan changes when Madison goes back to save their other neighbor and the California National Guard locks down the entire neighborhood, leaving the group together for the time being.

FearTWDTheDog 3

The Dog definitely brought out the true colors of almost every character in Fear the Walking Dead. The audience sees that Travis is somewhat of a coward who doesn’t like guns and is not willing to kill any walkers. His girlfriend on the other hand is willing to kill any walker that comes in her way, however struggles to be strong when Travis intervenes. Another strong character to look out for in future episodes is the patriarch of the Salazar family, Daniel. He is the one that kills Madison’s walker neighbor, teaches Chris how to fire a gun, and calls both Travis and Madison weak for not killing their other walker neighbor. Hopefully all of these diverse characters will stay together because tensions will always soar when Travis and Daniel are in the same room.

FearTWDTheDog 4

By far, this episode tops the previous two due to the fact it felt more and more like a show about the zombie apocalypse. The previous episodes were about a blended family trying to make it work, with only a few walkers thrown in but this episode upped the tension and thrill. This episode had audiences howling for more as credits rolled and will likely get another thriller next week when the National Guard makes their presence known.


Episode Score: 9.5/10

Images Courtesy of AMC

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