Fear the Walking Dead – So Close, Yet So Far Review

The first episode of Fear the Walking Dead drew more than 10.31 million viewers, more than any spin-off/companion series on AMC. Although the pilot brought in tons of viewers and introduced us to an entirely new cast, it lacked excitement at times throughout the episode. This week’s episode, So Close, Yet So Far, did not disappoint by constantly having audiences guessing whether or not one of the characters would be bitten. This episode, the family split up with Travis and his ex-wife going to find his son, who joined a protest in downtown Los Angeles. They are forced into shelter, with a nice, but mysterious family (The Salazar’s) bringing them into their shop.

FearTWDSoClose 2

Meanwhile, Madison is forced to go to the school in search of medications for Nick (due to his addiction). Madison runs into Tobias (who has apparently watched every episode of TWD) as she searches for medications as well as food and supplies. At the school the two run into Principal Costa (who has turned) and Madison has to grab a fire extinguisher in order to save Tobias. Having been scarred by the experience, Madison becomes more cautious as she protects and cares for Nick and Alicia (who wants to take care of her sick boyfriend).

FearTWDSoClose 3

With the show returning in two weeks, AMC promises more suspense and walkers as the show hits the midpoint of its first season. This episode topped the pilot by:

1. Not having to introduce cast members.

2. Creating more suspense and “edge of your seat” action.

3. Splitting up the group, which creates various scenarios and plot, points for future episodes.

This episode set the pace and tone that AMC wants audiences to feel for the rest of the season. It is a shame we will have to wait two weeks for what should be the turning point in this short but so far very entertaining debut season for Fear TWD.

Episode Score: 8.5/10


Images Courtesy of AMC

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