A Walk in the Woods Preview

After his brilliant performance as Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robert Redford looks to change the pace in the dramedy, A Walk in the Woods. With Redford working alongside fellow stars like Emma Thompson (Love Actually) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), this film looks to attract audiences with a star-studded cast with a plot that should attract many more.

Redford stars as Bill Bryson, a man who has recently moved back to the United States to explore his homeland by hiking the Appalachian Trail. His longtime pal, Stephen (Nick Nolte), is there for him to complete this journey. Along the way Bill and Stephen will likely run into many obstacles, which will truly test their friendship. This film looks to show the true meaning of friendship (which many films have attempted) with an adventure to prove these older men can still do whatever they seek to achieve.

With amazing actors and actresses, A Walk in the Woods could prove to be one of the best book adaptations of the year, but will have to overcome many box office films along the way. Regardless of box office success, A Walk in the Woods looks to put a smile on the faces of every audience member that attends.

Image courtesy of DailyMotion

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