Redray Frazier Talks About Blood in the Water

All journeys begin somewhere, and today is when Redray Frazier’s musical journey begins. After years of hard work and dedication, Blood in the Water is finally being released. With a lot of help and support from his friends and family, Frazier went from injured high school athlete, to, in my opinion, one of the most promising talents in the business.

Coming from a musical family, Redray grew up in music. He sang in the choir at his father’s church and listened to everything under the sun. With his knowledge and training in gospel music, he saw gospel music in everything, especially R&B.

Although music wasn’t his first option, it had always been in his life and was “in his face the whole time.” He began his journey almost 13 years ago after moving away from his family and New York city to go to Portland.

Twelve years later, Redray started recording his songs. He has played the piano since he was little, and using that along with his guitar and vocals, this album came to life.

It feels like it’s a stepping stone. The creative juices are flowing.

But this stepping stone and this album did not start on their own. Unfortunately for Redray, the drive and determination for this album came out of the worst moment of his life.

Journeys are never easy, and Redray and his family found that. His mother passed away from cancer in December of 2013. She had been battling cancer and never lost faith. Redray traveled back and forth between Portland and New York as often as he could. Always reminding him to bring his guitar.

When I lost my mom, you realize how fragile life is. Do what you are supposed to do, so we went into the studio and came out with these songs. Even in it’s sadness, there was so much beauty.

He watched her through her hardest times and was with her through her last breath. All she wanted was for her children to do what they wanted, and she believed in everything that he was doing.

coverWith this determination, Redray put his album together. Although he had a lot of self-doubt and self-consciousness, he knew that he had to make the album. Now he has confidence that this album needs to be heard. While he says that each listener can take away whatever they want from the album, for him it is about going through trials and tribulations and coming out of it. Believe in yourself, bet on you. Worry about the rest later. Some good advice from the man that is betting his entire music career on this album.

Redray had a great time making this album, but he is looking forward to what he and the rest of the band can create. They haven’t been together long, but he, along with Jeff Baxter, Matt brown, Ezra Holbrook, Tom Nunes and Radical Klavical, have a chance to create something great. Along with the band, Redray hopes to collaborate with his brother and Raphael Saadiq in the future.

On a lighter side, talking with him allowed us (and now his audience) to see the side of him that is not just about the music. Redray just finished True Detective, but he is currently prepared for being on a desert island. When asked, “what three handheld objects do you take with you?” His answers were:

  1. iPhone.
  2. Guitar.
  3. Saw.

His friends like to joke that if there was a statue made of him, he would have one hand in his pocket and another hand out texting. The saw is just incase he needed to cut something. After rethinking the question, he decided that it might be helpful to have a lighter.

You can find Redray’s album, Blood in the Water, on iTunes and on his website.

Images from BendSource

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