Fear the Walking Dead – Pilot Review

The highly anticipated series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead had its moments of awe, but also provided some boring moments throughout its 90-minute premiere. Nick Clark (Frank Dillane), the son of guidance counselor Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), was the featured character of the episode. From beginning to end the episode focused on Nick’s addiction to drugs and his encounter with a walker. The audience gets to witness the beginning of the end of modern civilization in this episode with a flu-like illness spreading through Los Angeles. Madison, Alicia (her daughter), and Travis (Madison’s boyfriend) struggle to believe Nick’s outrageous story because of his battle with addiction. When video is released of a walker biting a paramedic the doubts begin to evaporate. The family is jolted into this crazy, unimaginable world when they come face to face with a walker that Nick had shot.

Fear the Walking Dead has such a completely different feel about it than its companion series, therefore making The Walking Dead obsolete to this series. It is entertaining to finally know something more about this world that the characters are living in. However, these characters are vastly unprepared for the apocalypse, creating fear in the audience’s mind because we don’t know if a character will survive each and every scene. With this suspense, Fear the Walking Dead shows a completely different side of the universe. While The Walking Dead is thrilling, this show is much darker and frightening than TWD. Although the premiere episode had moments of boredom, Fear the Walking Dead has definitely hooked audiences who will stay with the show for the long haul.

Episode Score: 7.5/10

Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Screen Rant

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