A Look at the NFL: Buffalo Bills

Training camps are underway. The preseason has officially kicked off and the 2015 regular season is just weeks away. With that, let’s continue our look at the NFL, team by team, highlighting the good news, the bad news, and the overall impression.

Buffalo Bills (9-7, 4-2 Div.)

Good News – The best defensive mind in football now has the best defensive line in football.

Buffalo will have the best defense in football in 2015. Rex Ryan is now the head coach and has Kyle Williams, Mario Williams, Marcell Dareus, and Jerry Hughes at his disposal. That group combined for 40 sacks last year, and was part of a defense that held league MVP Aaron Rodgers to zero touchdown passes and two interceptions in a 21 to 13 week 15 victory. All of that was without Rex Ryan at the helm. Now that he is in town, he has the tools to install the “ground and pound” strategy he had while with the Jets. He has a strong defense and now has LeSean McCoy in his backfield. The problem Ryan will have is all too familiar.

Bad News – Buffalo’s quarterback situation is similar to what Rex Ryan is used to.

Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, and E.J. Manuel are all competing for the starting quarterback job in Buffalo, a very uninspiring group. E.J. Manuel was benched early last year for veteran journeyman Kyle Orton. Tyrod Taylor has never started an NFL game, and Matt Cassel has been average at best while playing for three NFL franchises, Buffalo being his fourth. After Buffalo’s preseason matchup against the Browns, where Tyrod Taylor did all of this,

Taylor appears to be leading the race to start. That being said, Ryan’s biggest problem while in New York was the quarterback position. That problem now follows him to Buffalo, a team that has had 15 different starting QB’s since Jim Kelly.

Overall Impression

Buffalo is a quarterback away from being a playoff contender. They will have the best defense in football in 2015 and should have a top five rushing attack. Unfortunately, the quarterback situation there is terrible. Matt Cassel looks like the best option. This team went 9 and 7 last year with Kyle Orton starting most of the year. Matt Cassel emulates him the most of the three guys currently competing for the starting job. This team likely will go 9 and 7 once again and will just miss the postseason.

Image from AuburnPub


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