Luck7: Fall TV Premieres to Watch

7. Fear the Walking Dead

This is one of the most anticipated new shows to premiere this fall due to its highly successful companion series, The Walking Dead. This show will focus on an entirely new cast and location, while still holding onto the feel of the original show. In contrast to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead looks to show the origin story of the zombie apocalypse, which is the main (and possibly sole) reason viewers will tune in to the Los Angeles based show. If you were late to the zombie party, Fear the Walking Dead is the perfect way to join in on a brand new adventure from the beginning.

Premiere: August 23rd on AMC


6. How to Get Away with Murder

HTGAWMHow to Get Away with Murder kept its audiences entertained and excited throughout its debut season due to its fresh take on the typical murder mystery. The entire season led up to the finale in which we discovered who killed Lila, the sorority girl from the first episode. The premiere will hopefully answer burning questions from the finale like, why did Frank kill Lila and who killed Rebecca? It looks as if the show is returning to its pilot in the second season premiere with now another person dead and the killer yet to be found. Viola Davis will return with her twisted law students in what is sure to be another action packed and mysterious season to this hit show.

Premiere: September 24th on ABC


5. Heroes Reborn

The reboot of the superhero show Heroes got a slight makeover with some fresh cast members, yet it will keep some of the fan favorites from the original. With the return of Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) and Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka), audiences will definitely be drawn in from the first episode. The show will continue in the timeline that Heroes followed. With better effects and fan favorites as well as the new characters, Heroes Reborn looks to return to the ranks of one of the best sci-fi shows on television.

Premiere: September 24th on NBC


4. Limitless

This film adapted to a television series will feature Bradley Cooper in the pilot episode, which automatically makes this one of the most hyped series premieres this fall. It will follow much of the storyline from the 2011 film but will instead feature a different main character that gains the power to use the entirety of his brain. He will then be mentored to an extent by Bradley Cooper’s character, Eddie Morra. With tons of new television shows being adapted from films, Limitless will for sure be the most anticipated of this fall season.

Premiere: September 22nd on CBS


3. The Big Bang Theory

TBBTThe season eight finale of The Big Bang Theory left audiences shocked and in tears when Amy decided she needed time away from Sheldon after re-evaluating their slow-paced relationship. When Sheldon pulled out the engagement ring in the final scene, audiences knew the tears were coming. Besides Sheldon’s relationship, the finale focused on Raj and Emily, Leonard and Penny, and Howard and Bernadette. The season nine finale will hopefully answer the questions, Leonard and Penny getting married and will Sheldon and Amy get back together? With these unanswered questions, The Big Bang Theory looks to be one of the most watched comedy premieres this fall, despite being snubbed by the Emmys.

Premiere: September 21st on CBS


2. American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story returns for another awaited season adding exciting cast members while keeping beloved originals. One interesting cast addition is Lady Gaga, who will star as the owner of the hotel. Hopefully Gaga will bring another edge to this already twisted show and fill the void left by the departure of series regular, Jessica Lange. Returning members include Sarah Paulson (12 Years a Slave), Emma Roberts (We’re the Millers), Evan Peters (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Kathy Bates (Titanic). Introducing new characters while bringing back regulars keeps this show popular and relevant, therefore keeping audiences interested.

Premiere: October 7th on FX


1. The Walking Dead

The most popular cable television show returns after another long offseason promising more action than ever. Last season left us as Rick turned ruthless by killing Pete, his old pal from Season One, as Morgan watched in shock. This season looks to focus more on the relationships with Rick’s group as well as how Morgan fits into the chaos. The complexity of the relationship between Rick and Morgan will be the most entertaining part of this season as both have greatly evolved since they last spoke. The Walking Dead continues to build its audience after each season and it looks as if nothing can stop this show from rising to the top, unless they kill Daryl, because we will riot.

Premiere: October 11th on AMC

Images Courtesy of CinemaBlend and Entertainment Tonight

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