A Look at the NFL: Philadelphia Eagles

Training camps are underway. The preseason has officially kicked off and the 2015 regular season is just weeks away. With that, let’s continue our look at the NFL, team by team, highlighting the good news, the bad news, and the overall impression.

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6, 4-2 Div.)

Good News – DeMarco Murray is now an Eagle

It’s been a crazy offseason for Philadelphia. Chip Kelly traded away LeSean McCoy, traded Nick Foles, signed Tim Tebow and let Jeremy Maclin walk. Luckily, the Eagles got their replacement for McCoy in a big way. They signed DeMarco Murray away from the Dallas Cowboys. Granted, they broke the bank to get him: $42 million with $21 million guaranteed, but because of that, 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns now resides in the Eagles backfield. He certainly has the respect of his peers.

Bad News – Nick Foles for Sam Bradford?

That wasn’t a typo. Chip Kelly did in fact trade Nick Foles for Sam Bradford back in March. All signs are pointing to Bradford being the man under center for week 1. Kelly has said it all depends on how his knee heals, but this trade simply makes no sense. Bradford is coming off of back-to-back torn ACL’s. He’s played a full season twice in his career, and in those two full seasons, threw 28 interceptions to just 39 touchdowns. Let’s also not forget the fact that he has spent most of the offseason in rehab instead of on the practice field. The other quarterbacks on the roster? Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. Sanchez played decently in relief of Nick Foles last year, but he certainly looked like a backup, not a franchise guy, and Tim Tebow has been out of football since the 2013 preseason. Chip Kelly is entering his 3rd year as head coach of the Eagles. During that time, Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, and what appears to be Sam Bradford have started under center in Philadelphia.

Overall Impression

Chip Kelly is either a genius or crazy. He traded away a franchise running back in LeSean McCoy for a linebacker coming off a torn ACL (Kiko Alonso) and traded away his starting quarterback in Nick Foles for quarterback coming off two torn ACL’s (Sam Bradford). With all that, Kelly’s offense has been called “quarterback proof,” and, in a way, it was last year. In 9 games, Mark Sanchez averaged 268.7 yards passing and tossed 14 touchdowns. However his turnover problems could not be solved, as he also threw 11 interceptions. Bradford has had turnover problems in his career too, which have been overshadowed by his injury problems. Those two along with media magnet Tim Tebow are the options at quarterback this year for Chip Kelly. Kelly has won 10 games each year he’s coached the Eagles. He’d be hard-pressed to do it again this year.

Image from NJ.com

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