American Ultra Preview

American Ultra looks to be another slapstick comedy, which have become more popular in recent years. Jesse Eisenberg (Now You See Me) looks to return to another great role, starring as stoner/government agent Mike Howell, who is hunted down because he is considered a liability. While he is almost always stoned, Mike somehow manages to implement his skilled moves to evade the men sent to kill him.

American Ultra 2

Kristen Stewart stars in her first large-scale film since her Twilight days; however, this film looks to yank on the comedic side Stewart has always shown off screen. Stewart’s character, Phoebe joins Mike, her boyfriend, for the ride of their lives in this action comedy. Phoebe is thrust into Mike’s crazy world when he is targeted by his own agency although he doesn’t recall being a government agent. While Stewart has not been in an action comedy role recently, she is cast alongside a seasoned sarcastic comedy actor in Jesse Eisenberg as well as Topher Grace (That ‘70s Show).

With these great comedic actors, American Ultra looks to join Melissa McCarthy’s critically acclaimed Spy as another fantastic action comedy. On August 21st we will find out whether this film can live up to the massive summer we have had in the film industry.

Images Courtesy of Teaser-Trailer and Collider


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