A Look at the NFL: Cincinnati Bengals

Training camps are underway. The preseason has officially kicked off and the 2015 regular season is just weeks away. With that, let’s continue our look at the NFL, team by team, highlighting the good news, the bad news, and the overall impression.

Cincinnati Bengals (10-5-1, 3-3 Div.)

Good News – No News is Good News?

This one is tough. The Bengals had a very uninspiring offseason. When your most notable free agent signee is a defensive end going into his seventh year that has amassed double digit sacks once, you’re going to make a lot of fans yawn. A.J. Hawk provides some veteran stability at linebacker, which is good because both Vontaze Burfict and Rey Maualuga are both dealing with injuries (Maualuga was just put on the non-football injury list and will miss the start of camp), but nothing outside of drafting two offensive linemen has been done to improve this offense. The Bengals have made the playoffs every year since they drafted Andy Dalton, but they have been a out-coached and out-played every time they have been there. Marvin Lewis has been the head coach in Cincinnati since 2003 and has yet to win a playoff game. This year he got no help.
I’ll just leave this right here

Bad News – See above.

Overall Impression

The Bengals did nothing to get better this year. There is no such thing as staying the same in the NFL. If you try to stay the same, you get worse. Cincinnati has to be the strongest believer in the power of continuity. They have kept a head coach who, in 12 years, has not won a playoff game and a quarterback who has thrown no fewer than 13 interceptions in each of his four years as a starter and has thrown one touchdown and six interceptions in four postseason appearances. All that being said, this team finds ways to make the playoffs. If history says anything, the Bengals will sneak into the playoffs once again.

*Image from Sporting News

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