The Bachelorette Finale

All great things must come to an end. This season of The Bachelorette is unfortunately no different. Luckily though, the finale did not disappoint as there was drama, as well as some surprises.

Coming into the week, the race between Shawn and Nick was neck and neck with neither one of the guys having a leg up on the other. Going in to meeting Kaitlyn’s family, it was a toss up as to who would walk away with their crucial approval. The Bristowe family was shocked to learn of Nick’s appearance on the show and the fact that he was one of the final two remaining due to the way he was portrayed his last time on The Bachelorette. However, he used his silver tongue to woo the family into thinking that he is a likable person. Shawn swooped in to save the day though as Kaitlyn’s family seemed to love him even more than they did Nick.

The tides appeared to be turning on the last round of one-on-one dates however. Nick and Kaityln’s date was romantic and passionate and at this point it looked as he would be the winner, especially after how Shawn and Kaitlyn’s date went. It was honestly one of the most cringeworthy parts of the entire season. The chemistry was lacking, there was no good conversation, and Kaitlyn appeared to be incredibly distracted.

Leading up to the final ceremony when the guys would propose to her, I was certain that it was going to be Nick and that I was going to swear off watching The Bachelorette forever (hahahahaha). But to my surprise, Nick was the first one to get a chance to Kaitlyn, which is usually not a good sign. He gave her his impassioned speech about how he loved her and then he tried to pull out the ring only to have Kaitlyn stop him. Boom. Game over. Nick was obviously pissed, but no one cares. Shawn shows up, proposes, and Kaitlyn is finally able to tell him that she loves him. And they lived happily ever after (or for at least the next few months).


*Photo credit to ABC

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