Cards Against Humanity Challenges Indiana Lawmakers

Friday night marked the second day of Gen Con, the world’s longest-running and most popular gaming convention. 50 thousand table-top gamers and lovers of everything nerdy flood downtown Indianapolis to share their love of games together. The weekend’s party-like atmosphere means millions in important revenue for the city. Gen Con is well aware of that fact and the bright spotlight it brings. Cards Against Humanity decided to use this to their advantage during their comedy and storytelling show, Concert Against Humanity.

The event kicked off with the CAH team asking for help from the audience to answer some hilariously-stupid customer support emails. The line-up followed with musicians Molly Lewis and The Double Clicks and their mostly-lighthearted comedic songs. They used a few moments of their setlist to highlight issues such as Gamergate. Even Kumail Nanjiani, of the hit HBO show Silicon Valley, provided more hilariousness alongside his embarrassed interpreter. After his set, a CAH co-host took the stage to introduce the final guest.

An uncredited actor from the crew took the stage as Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the man behind the RFRA law that took over headlines just a few months ago. Boos rained from the crowd as he praised himself for all that’s been “accomplished” under the bill. He spoke about his pride for the bill and the discrimination many believe it allows. Luckily Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, ran on the stage dressed in a Yoda-like cloak to save the day.

After the dark side was defeated, Tempkin spoke more on deficiencies in Indiana’s law. He stressed discriminatory law (although most were created in the dark ages and now trumped by federal rulings) and the differences laws have created between genders, races, and sexual orientations. The crowd applauded during the talk and were called to write letters for change to politicians during the break. The rest of the acts touched on more issues, like lesbian stand-up comedian Cameron Esposito’s recent engagement.

All in all, the night was light-hearted and a great event for mature audiences. The atmosphere was very supportive and engaging the entire four-hour show. It did well to demonstrate Gen Con’s power in bringing people together for good times and meaningful change. Cards Against Humanity did not back away from the spotlight and should be applauded for its efforts.

Image from IDigitalTimes

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