Seattle Birds Are Crazy

News around the sporting world has been hectic this week with the ruling of Tom Brady’s suspension being held to four games in regards to his part in “Deflategate”. Patriot tears have been loud and overblown (they’ll beat the Jags and Bills in that stretch), and with the big moves from baseball’s trade deadline, Russell Wilson’s battle with the Seahawks has been overshadowed. Here’s what you missed out of Seattle.

Wilson was offered $21 million a year per multiple sources on a long-term deal to stay in Seattle and he turned it down like a madman. Whether or not these reports are talking about “new money” is irrelevant. His talent is not worth 21 million dollars, especially when everyone else on the young dynasty needs a raise, too. He should’ve taken the money and ran with it.

So why didn’t he? Simply put, Wilson believes it’s time for him to get paid for past successes. Cam Newton received 30 million up-front in his 103 million deal with the Panthers and Russell knows he deserves more than Cam. Seattle’s hero thinks 25 million per year is a fair number for his talents and wants a huge chunk of the deal guaranteed. 20 million is all the Seahawks are willing to set in stone and Russell has been giving clear hints to the media that the current offer won’t cut it.

These talks have been ongoing throughout the offseason with what appears to be little success, but time is running out. Wilson has set a deadline for the start of training camp- Friday, 10 A.M. PT- to get a deal in place. If nothing is accepted, he will put this fiasco on hold until the end of the season and play with the distraction for 1.54 million dollars this year.


Personally, I believe the smartest move for the Seahawks is to pay the man his guaranteed money. Give him about 19 million per year for five years and guarantee the first two years. Guaranteeing a whole bunch up front would allow less money in the contract as a whole and help the team’s cap situation. Paul Allen, the Seahawk’s uber-wealthy owner, has the money to do it. Taking a risk on Russell should be a no-brainer. If the QB gets injured with or without guaranteed money, the team will not win. No quarterback on the market can get you a championship. Might as well take the best shot at more Super Bowls while making your quarterback and the fans happily relieved. No matter what happens, though, Wilson will be in Seattle for the next year and make his case to become the highest-paid player in the league.

If not, there’s always baseball.


Images from AP Photo/ Nathan Denette, the Huffington Post, and BlogSeattle

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