Paper Towns holds its weight

With many high budget action films being released this summer, Paper Towns is not the most anticipated film; however, it is a refreshing change from the predictable summer we have had thus far. Although the film is slow at times, it represents the reality of high school, which resonates with everyone. Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne shine and have us on the edge of our seat waiting for their other upcoming films (The Intern and Suicide Squad, respectively).

Paper Towns Review 2

Paper Towns tells the coming of age story of the painfully average Quentin, (Nat Wolff) and his mysterious yet magical next-door neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne). Quentin was raised following every rule in the book, from never missing class to going to bed early. On the other hand, Margo lived each day as a new adventure, continuously finding new things to keep her entertained. As Quentin and Margo grew older, they drifted apart until Margo knocked on Quentin’s window one night to plot revenge on her ex-boyfriend. On this night alone, Quentin’s entire persona changed, as he would have the best night of his life, with the love of his life. Quentin hoped the relationship he had with Margo would evolve after this wonderful night, but Margo disappeared. With his childhood friend leaving clues for him, Quentin and his friends set out on an adventure to find Margo and tell her how Quentin feels.

Paper Towns Review 3

While Paper Towns might sound like a cheesy love story, it carries a relevant and understandable plot. Everyone in this world has had someone like Margo in his or her life, someone who was always going places and achieving so much. I remember a girl from my high school that fits this mold to perfection. While I could only partially relate to this film, I would have been extremely immersed had I been in high school. Paper Towns represents every high school teenager and their somewhat boring everyday life. The amount of realism in this film oozes from the edges of the screen. I truly admire John Green for writing a book with such authenticity, rather than a fairy tale that no one could live up to. The film certainly has its flaws with boring scenes, but they are leveled out with hilarious and heartfelt moments. One of the best scenes of the film occurs in a mini van when one of Quentin’s friends has to go to the bathroom, but decides to use a couple soda cans instead of a toilet. It is these carefully placed moments that makes Paper Towns a well-rounded film.

Paper Towns is a nice change of pace for the average moviegoer. While other summer hits focused on action and fantasy, Paper Towns inspired teenagers and young adults to always follow what they seek. Paper Towns is a well thought out film that will unfortunately be overshadowed by the summer of franchise films. Paper Towns is a must see movie but it would not hurt to wait for it to come to a Redbox near you.


Score: 7/10

Images courtesy of Hypable

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