Stubborn Son to release Birthright

Stubborn Son takes a lot of influence from The Black Keys, which is immediately noticeable from track one through track 10, but with a dash of country and similarities to artists like Bob Dylan and Santana, they have created a truly engaging rock album.

When I turned on this album, I knew that it was going to be an up-tempo, fun, loud and ole’ school album. Wasting no time, Stubborn Son kicks off their album, Birthright, with one of their best, and one of my favorite, tracks.

The prevalent guitars and noticeable distortion give this album a full, yet gritty sound. With nothing missing and nothing needing to be added, Stubborn Son has simply figured out their sound and now they have to decide where to go from here.

Although, lyrically this is not the strongest album, Birthright focuses on our ability to overcome mistakes or cleanse ourselves from our faults.

“God’s gunna cut you down oh for what ya done. Can’t keep it straight in my own head they won’t let me be. Oh sweet Lord, what’s a com’in down on me for this? Bring me a river that’s a runnin’ I can wash these hands in.”

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, but we all have the people that love us no matter what we do.

There were only a few points at which I cringed and was disappointed by this effort, but they are important to mention.

Garrett Lamp wrote all of the songs on this album, except for “Fall For This.” When “Fall For This,” which was written by Andrew Knapp, comes on, there is a distinct difference in the quality and sound of the song. The song tries to go down the road of an irresistible romance, which doesn’t mesh with the rest of the album. Lamp’s effort throughout was solid and fairly consistent and Knapp’s song felt weak in comparison.

The other noteworthy flaw was the solo in “Vixen.” In personal taste, the solo felt forced and unnatural. The majority of the album is distorted and grunge rock/jazz, but this solo was clean and high pitched, which felt out of place and thrown in.

If you take out “Vixen” and “Fall For This,” I would have to give this album a very high score. The only real quality that the others lacked was lyrically, but the songs were still intriguing.

Tracks to remember: The Broken Heart Proof, Thick As Blood, Head Above Water

Tracks to forget: Vixen, Fall For This

Rating: 7.1/10

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