Dirty Sprite 2 Review

Coming off of his incredible stretch of mixtapes (Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 Nights) in the past 9 months, Atlanta rapper Future is one of the hottest in the game. Many fans have compared this recent output to the Renaissance; since his divorce with pop star Ciara, Future has strayed from his radio friendly hits and begun to take more artistic risks that expressed himself. Capitalizing on the buzz, Future released his 3rd studio album Dirty Sprite 2 (the follow-up to his breakthrough tape Dirty Sprite).

Rather than trying to make something with singles that will top the charts, Future continued his trend of creating music aimed to please his fans and the streets. On Dirty Sprite 2, Future remains honest and gritty while rapping about everything from the pros and cons of the drug game, women he loves and the ones he doesn’t, and the hardships of dealing with his friend DJ Esco being locked in a Dubai jail for 56 nights. The production is sinister yet booming, which creates the perfect atmosphere for Future’s grave delivery and jumbled flow.

Future’s consistency is his biggest strength, yet his major downfall on Dirty Sprite 2. He has perfected the sound that he was experimenting with on his recent mixtapes and executes that thoroughly on this album. From front to back, there are no weak points or anything that resembles a bad song. Even more impressive considering Drake’s (decent) verse on “Where Ya At?” is the only feature on the entire album. However, the soundscape that he has created blends together too much and makes it hard sometimes to figure when one song ends and the next one starts. At 18 tracks, this causes the album to drag at a few points, despite nothing that really feels like filler. Additionally, three of the best songs on the album were released on his previous mixtapes, detracting from the impact that they have on the album.

Fans of Future have been clamoring for a new album ever since his streak of great music started. Members of the #FutureHive will no doubt love Dirty Sprite 2 as Future sticks to the formula that has brought him this success and acclaim. But his reluctance to step outside of his comfort zone harms him a bit as the album isn’t quite up to par with the work he has done in the past year. Still, Future created a consistent album with some great tracks that will most likely end up being one of the more solid projects of the year.

Overall: 7.8/10

Standout tracks: Thought It Was a Drought, Where Ya At?, Rich $ex

Forgettable tracks: Rotation, The Percocet & Stripper Joint

*Image from Flipboard.com

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