The Weekly Binge: Saw V

As a horror movie enthusiast, the Saw movie franchise is right up my alley. After binging the first four movies when they were added to Netflix, I subsequently bought the last two just so I could know what happened.

On the surface, Saw V (and really the whole franchise) seems to be just a gruesome display of an old man (Jigsaw) finding revenge on the world for the fact that he has little time left to live. If he can’t live, why should anyone else? Especially when they are some of the lowest of the low that you can find.

The fifth installment is no different from the others in the fact that there is a group of people that is put through a series of challenges. The group: Ashley (a fire inspector), Brit (a real estate VP), Mallick (an arsonist), Charles (a journalist), and Luba (a city planner). Before the challenges begin, they all watch a video tape, telling them to do the opposite of their instincts. The challenges (which I will let you discover by watching the movie) seem designed to eliminate one person each time. However, when the last two make it to the final room, they have two realizations. (1) That all five of them were in fact connect for a heinous crime that could have been avoided by any one of them and (2) that they had completely disregarded the videotape, and had they not done so, could have easily completed the final challenge.

***Warning: Video does contain graphic content***

While all of this is going on, two characters that have emerged from the other films, Strahm and Hoffman interact as they both try to finish off one another. Hoffman finds himself in a room with a box filled with broken glass. Another video tells him to get in the box, but he disregards it. If you are at all intuitive, you can probably guess what happens to him.

While only one installment ofSaw5 the franchise, it does well in representing all six films. There are individuals plot lines in each movie which outline more of the gore for those who have a dark side (such as myself), but there is also a carrying plot surrounding Jigsaw through all six movies as well. The addition, reduction, and re-admission of certain characters shows that this film series was not simply thrown together, but incredibly well thought out. Although the movie(s) often skip over details, the finer ones that make those subtle differences are always perfectly placed.

Overall, I am a horror movie cinephile, and thus Saw V is a perfect fit for me. My main recommendation is to watch all of the movies in order, although the director did ensure flashbacks in case you don’t. This is not your run-of-the-mill movie you should watch if you are bored. Hold an interest for this type of movie and you will be extremely satisfied; if not, then refer back to the rest of our list for more options.


*Images from Lionsgate Films

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