Are you going to Fear the Walking Dead?

The first full-length trailer for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead just premiered at the San Diego Comic Con and it offers a different perspective from The Walking Dead. Based around a Los Angeles family, Fear the Walking Dead answers the audience’s question of “How did it all start?” It will be fascinating to discover how the virus infected everyone and how it affects a metropolis, like Los Angeles, as opposed to the outskirts of Atlanta.


The fresh cast looks to rival the beloved characters of The Walking Dead and  mesh well in the recently released trailer. It appears the main character Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) is an English teacher at a school along with a woman, Madison Bennett, portrayed by character actress Kim Dickens (House of Cards, Gone Girl, Sons of Anarchy). The trailer shows tons of new footage, including Bennett’s child witnessing a walker snacking on another man, and TV footage of a police officer being bit by another walker. The show seems to focus more on social media and news footage due to the fact the show occurs before the outbreak. The trailer offers a lot of material of police officers shooting walkers while the public watches. Fear the Walking Dead may bring up a more political side of this world, which The Walking Dead did not.

Overall, AMC did not disappoint at SDCC with this release. It offers loads of new looks at characters and plot points that will excite audiences. Expect Fear the Walking Dead to be AMC’s next big hit, filling the void of Mad Men.

Premiere Date: August 23

*Images courtesy of AMC


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