Minions Search for Focus

After the booming success of Despicable Me (and its sequel), Universal Studios attempts to stretch the franchise with the prequel, Minions. In creating a movie with the minions front and center, their confusing language leaves a substantial lack of dialogue. Although the new villain, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), is a fresh and entertaining face, Minions lacks the Gru-like character that made Despicable Me entertaining and enjoyable.

Minions 2The film shifts the focus solely to the minions and their struggle to find (and keep) a suitable boss. After searching the ends of the Earth, the minions grow tired and hopeless that their trek will wield any results. However, Stuart believes that they will be able to serve the evilest of villains. Stuart, along with fellow minions Kevin and Bob, begins the journey to discover who will become their next boss. The three minions cause mayhem along the way, but are recruited by the world’s first female super villain: Scarlet Overkill. Scarlet tasks the minions with the stereotypical mission: steal the Queen of England’s crown so she can rule the kingdom. Things, of course, go awry when the minions are involved, causing chaos in England.

Sandra Bullock shines as Scarlet Overkill, along, with Jon Hamm as her husband, Herb. As the film progresses, Scarlet becomes more and more outraged at the minions, even throwing them in a dungeon to be tortured. Although the minions are hilarious, the plot is lacking throughout. The film is somewhat boring until the final twenty minutes, which includes a cameo by a young Gru. Universal ties up the entire series by illustrating how the minions found their beloved boss. I gasped and smiled along with the audience as Gru made his special appearance. Without this cameo, Minions would be a forgotten film in the franchise.

While Minions is the worst of the Despicable Me franchise, it still stars the lovable minions, so you cannot help but smile. The absence of Gru until the final scene is felt throughout, causing the film to lack Steve Carell’s comical genius. While Minions is somewhat humorous it will never live up to the magic of Despicable Me.

Score: 5/10

*Images courtesy of HD Wallpapers

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