Ghostface Killah releases Twelve Reasons to Die II

With the release of Twelve Reasons to Die II, Ghostface Killah gave each one of his listener 13 reasons to doze off. Formerly known as “one of the most imaginative storytellers of our time” from, the seasoned rapper released an album that leaves you hoping for more. With a number of beats that are nothing spectacular, you pray that the verses are able to liven up the track. Sadly, Ghostface failed to deliver. The features on this album make it tolerable, while you are dragged from one song to the next.

Lacking anything memorable, I could not identify any songs from the others after fifteen seconds, sometimes not even realizing that one track had ended and another began. While this can be a good thing, lulling the listener so close to sleep that they fail to pick up on the minimal change is never the goal. The saving grace that allows the audience to actually finish this album is the fact that some back end verses and the features leave you with the feeling that there might be more. Vince Staples delivered the best verse of the album in “Get Up Now” while being followed with “Death’s Invitation” which was the best song by far. Although, its quality certainly dips as its saving grace is that it is one of few songs that keeps you awake.

Structurally the album is fine, nothing wrong with it, but nothing to draw you back in. There were a few verses (generally by the features) that allowed you to enjoy it, but even Staples’ verse was far from memorable. From a rapper such as Ghostface who has had so much success in the past I was extremely disappointed. Not necessarily bad, but nothing to bring you back in for a second listen.

Score: 4.2/10

Songs to Remember: Nothing Memorable.

Songs to Forget: Rise Up, Let the Record Spin, Resurrection Morning

Image from MissInfo


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