Redray Frazier to release Blood in the Water

Behind my love for rock, grunge, metal and other guitar heavy music, lies a soft spot for R&B and jazz music. Luckily for me, Redray Frazier’s music hits that spot, and my love for rock.
Redray isn’t new to the music scene. He was raised in it. His mother is a classically trained vocalist, which explains where he might have picked up some of his talent, and his uncle plays the saxophone, which explains some of the R&B style.
Although he didn’t plan on going into music, some people are just born gifted and lucky. He began playing in different bands and in 2007 he released his first solo “Follow Me.”
As soon as the EP started I was hooked. I’ve had this EP in my possession for about a week and I’ve listened to it a dozen times.
Frazier doesn’t want to do anything half-assed, so he’s self-releasing this album (which anyone will tell you isn’t easy), but it is important to keep the quality of the music, the stability of the band and to remind himself that he loves what he does.
Frazier is currently trying to get his album funded on indiegogo (if you would like to contribute, click on the link) and he is very close to succeeding.

Frazier thinks that he has similar sounds to the Black Keys, Aloe Blacc and the Alabama Shakes. I also have to add in Allen Stone (a Seattle band) and Fundamental Elements (an Illinois band).
Redray is working hard to get Blood in the Water ready for a full-length album release. The date is set for September 25, 2015.
I highly recommend this album and I hope that Redray can find the success that he deserves and desires.
Slow and steady wins the race and Frazier’s process of creating this album seems to be working for him.
If he reaches the goal and can finish and release the album, definitely check it out. The three songs that I received were phenomenal and I can’t wait to get the rest of Blood in the Water.
Songs to remember: Blood in the Water, Follow Me, If You Let Me
Songs to forget: N/A

Rating: 8.6/10

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