Netflix’s Daredevil is More of the Same

In the past few years, more and more super hero films, especially by Marvel, have been released. This is partly because it is required by law that movie companies make a film or lose their rights, but I think there is more to it.

It is true that Fox must make so many X-men films and Sony must keep making Spider-man films to keep their contracts. But this often leads to bad movies, rushed plots and annoying/stupid cameos from Stan Lee.

To be fair, it’s not just Marvel that is doing this. DC is also putting out several movies and TV shows, but at a much slower rate. For every DC film, Marvel puts out between 5-10.

DC saw great success with their TV shows Arrow and The Flash. The shows aired on the CW and took their time to create a solid and well-formed story line. Not wanting to be left behind, Marvel quickly gave the rights of Daredevil to Netflix.

Netflix’s Daredevil starts out with, often the most controversial scenes in each super hero storyline, the origin. How did the hero/vigilante get their power? Young Matt Murdock (Skylar Gaertner) had toxic chemicals spilled in his eyes after pushing a man out of a truck’s path. As Matt grew up (Charlie Cox), he had developed special ways of seeing, mostly through hearing and learned martial arts from a man known only as Stick.

His father, an amateur boxer, never wanted Matt to fight. He wanted him to use his mind and become a better man than he was. Matt tried to honor this request and studied law with his roommate and friend, Foggy Nelson; they then opened up a firm together.

I watched all 13 episodes in about four days, and I really did enjoy it. I love the story and some of the effects are amazing. But the problem is that there really is nothing new to say.

If you have seen Arrow or you watched the original Daredevil (a terrible movie), then you know the entire plot.

I am going to save my city, stop the bad people that are harming it and keep up with my law firm.

As much as I enjoyed watching Netflix’s take on Daredevil, I would have rather been watching the 3rd season of Arrow. I actually believe that Stephen Amell could take a punch. Charlie Cox looks like he would keel over after getting hit, especially if he had a hook dug into his skin.

As much as I don’t want to ruin the whole idea of this show, if I saw a guy with a mask that only covered his eyes, I might think he was blind. Most people at least wear sky masks that cover their jaw and facial hair, since those things can give you away.

But facial coverage is an issue that both Daredevil and Green Arrow deal with. I don’t think that green grease paint and a hood would protect your identity nearly as well as it does.

But I don’t want to ruin the shows any more than that.

As an overall, the show is fine. The camera work and special effects are great, the story line is enough to get through the season without breaking down and the acting is like any soap opera. While it’s better than the original movie with Ben Affleck, Daredevil still has another few cycles before I think it will grab my attention like Iron Man and Green Arrow did.

Rating: 6.8/10

Image from Newsarama

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