My Better Half…of a Half

Let me start by saying I feel incredibly lucky. I feel lucky because I can depend on one person for my happiness day in and day out. I wake up with a smile on my face. I do not have to worry if you will show up on the weekends. We’ve made Sundays our day to get together for at least a few joy-filled hours. Sometimes our schedules don’t match up. You travel a lot, I get it. But no matter where you are, technology lets me feel like we’re together. We share so many happy moments. I can’t wait for the years to come.

My caring and dependable hero came into my life and saved me from a rough relationship. Three years ago, I was struggling to keep faith in my current position. Every time I thought there was a chance it could work, I was let down. Countless Hail Mary prayers were left answerless. It felt like we could never win. When a glimmer of hope finally crept back, it was too little, too late.

I knew I deserved better. My friends told me not to trust that fool. “Why do you put yourself through this?” they asked. “You know what happiness feels like.” I did. For years, I couldn’t have been happier. It used to be as good as it gets. My friends were jealous. Their relationships were okay yet bearly anything like mine. “Man,” I heard, “if I had that, I’d never let it go.”

One day, though, the nervous feelings that tingled through my body just stopped. It was like the switch was turned off for the both of us. My partner I thought I’d never let go had to go through painful process to try and save what we once cherished. It wasn’t enough. I got desperate and tried to fill a gaping void, like painting over a hole in the wall. I suffered. But no longer.

Now, the pain is over. Moments are unforgettable. When I get defensive, you always find a way to crack me up.  Remember the time you bought me man-Uggs for Christmas? I hadn’t laughed that hard since ’07. As we start our fourth year together, I am finally ready to say what you wanted to hear all along.

I love you Andrew Luck.

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