Easton Corbin releases second studio album About to Get Real

Three years after his first studio album All Over the Road, Easton Corbin is back. Releasing About to Get Real on June 30th, the wait is finally over. The Florida native held true to some of the original traits that helped push his first album to number 11 on the Billboard Top 200, all the while trying out a few new techniques that generally went over well.

As a rap enthusiast, it was Corbin’s single “Clockwork” that garnered my attention of the young country singer. Released in January of 2014, his hit single overwhelmed country radio stations across the nation. Towards the end of 2014, Corbin released another single, “Baby Be My Love Song” which brought in even more success. Both songs held true to something that had a great influence in his first album in that both were held together by a remarkably strong chorus. This continued through most of the album and makes for a number of tracks that have serious replayability.

About to Get Real is made up of twelve songs, including the two singles as well as a song from his previous album “Are You With Me.” The album holds many country elements in generic love lines, referencing alcohol at every turn, and then a few more lines about falling in love. What helps make this album stand apart is the use of instruments behind Corbin’s ever-changing approaches to singing. While he has a mix of true vocals and rhyming with a beat, the mix of instruments behind him help hold you in when he fails to do so.

The best part about this album is that Corbin has so many different types of songs. Songs like “Kiss Me One More Time” and “Clockwork” are more upbeat with Corbin singing through fantastic choruses. However, halfway through the tracks you’ve encountered “Diggin’ On You” and “Yup” where he shows a more bluegrass approach of a deep voice, heavy syllables, and some accent that captivates you. Finally, what topped off the album for me, was “Just Add Water.” Far from the best song on the album, he mixes his two approaches into a perfect summer song that makes you want to run to the beach and enjoy one of God’s gifts.

Overall, Mr. Easton Corbin certainly improved upon his successful debut studio album. While it took longer than many would like, Corbin and his label Mercury Nashville have to be happy with the results. A strong mix of instrumentals, changing vocals, and catchy lyrics; About to Get Real is about to take off. With his fan base growing, an album with more memorable songs than forgettable, Corbin is on the fast track to true national attention.

Tracks to Remember: Diggin’ On You, Are You With Me, Clockwork, Just Add Water

Tracks to Forget: About to Get Real, Like A Song

Score 8.2/10

You can download it now on iTunes

*Featured Image from CountryWeekly.com


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