Free Weezy Album Review

In the past year, Lil Wayne has been in many headlines due to his public feud with his record label Cash Money and it’s CEO Birdman. The beef stems from a couple issues, mainly involving fees and royalties that Lil Wayne claims he deserves and has not been paid, as well as the multiple delays of his album Tha Carter V. Because of these issues, the LP has still not been released and it does not seem as if it will come out any time soon. Out of frustration and in order to please his fans who have been waiting, Lil Wayne announced earlier in the year that he would be releasing an album titled Free Weezy Album and on July 4th it was released via Tidal.

Once the most popular rapper in the game, Lil Wayne has had an ungraceful decline over the past few years as many of his recent releases have been subpar in comparison to his stellar run during the mid-2000’s. Fans clamor for the old Weezy to return and run the rap world like his did back in his peak. Unfortunately, Free Weezy Album falls short of that goal.

The album shows flashes of the mixtape Tunechi that captivated fans globally with his unbelievably witty punchlines and a delivery so confident you would think he was the most powerful man on the planet. It opens up with a bang as the intro track “Glory” might be the best song Wayne has released in the last 5 years. Like many times in recent past, Lil Wayne was giving his fans some hope that maybe he was finally coming back into form. And that seemed to be the case for the first few tracks of Free Weezy Album as his flows were crisp, delivery was sharp, and his bars were on point.

However, as the project drags on, Wayne loses that edge that he had at the start of the album and eventually the middle portion becomes boring and forgettable. Some terrible beat selections, a couple poppy attempts, and a lackluster effort water the album down significantly. The features were bland and did not add anything to the songs they were on.

In the end, Free Weezy Album is basically the epitome of what you can expect from a Lil Wayne project in 2015. A few tracks that make you remember why he was once considered the best rapper alive, and the rest reminding you that, sadly, prime Lil Wayne will most likely never be back.

Overall: 6.6/10

Standout Tracks: Glory, I Feel Good, Thinkin Bout You

Forgettable Tracks: I’m That N–, Without You, Living Right


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