It’s Such A Beautiful Day Review

This entire movie, or feature-length animation, can be summed up into just one word: bizarre. If you don’t like bizarre as a descriptive word, use the thesaurus and find all of the synonyms like strange, weird, peculiar, odd, etc.

Don Hertzfeldt, known for his animations and his short film Rejected, was left to his own devices in this movie. The drawings can be normal people, or can be burry faced cow people, but these are nothing compared to the absurdity of the story.

It’s Such A Beautiful Day follows Bill through his life. This hour long feature is cut into three parts, although that only helps us as viewers because it gives us places to take a break. While watching this with my brother, we took four breaks to get through the whole thing. It is well told and well illustrated, but an hour seems like five.

Bill is a normal man with a normal girlfriend and normal worries. But it is what happens to Bill that is anything but normal. Bill has a disease, I’m not sure if we are ever told exactly what it is, but it takes away his memory.

The story is incredibly dark. Imagine a documentary by Ken Burns about a man with an imaginary family that all have horrible diseases and die by getting hit by trains. In a nutshell, that is what It’s Such A Beautiful Day is.

If you haven’t seen anything by Hertzfeldt before, I strongly recommend watching Rejected before you watch this. It will give you a sense of what is to come without making you sit through an hour of what the f**k moments.

The ending disappointed me. Although I liked the narrator telling Bill to get up, I think it would have been better if they had ended it and cut out the remaining 10 minutes. It was a believable and “ordinary” story until those last minutes and then it became a supernatural and crowd-pleasing ending.

If you have a dark sense of humor, this is definitely for you. If you don’t, I would recommend something else. This is not a movie that you can simply turn on and watch for fun.

After the first time I watched it, I waited about a week and then watched it again. You understand the story the second time and you realize small things that were missed in the first time.

All in all, It’s Such A Beautiful Day is a strange movie for a niche audience. Even though I felt confused at times and thought it dragged on for too long at moments, I enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to watching his next animation.

Rating: 8.3/10

*Feautred Image from Tumblr

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