Tin Cup: Enjoying the Game

Tin Cup is the story of Roy McAvoy (Costner), a driving range pro that blew his chance to get to the US Open. McAvoy now owns a driving range in the middle of Texas as he drinks the days away and bets his car on golf games.

McAvoy lives in a camper just off the driving range with Romeo (Cheech), his roommate, partner and caddie. As hard as he tries, McAvoy can’t escape his inner demons, or his desire to go for it even when he should lie up.

Enter David Simms (Johnson), and old teammate and now rival of McAvoy. Simms made it to the US Open and is now a pro golfer. According to McAvoy, he is also a man that “hates old people, children and dogs.” Along with him, Simms brings his girlfriend, Dr. Molly Griswold (Rene Russo) to whom McAvoy has been giving golf lessons.

After several pissing contests and dick measuring, Simms and McAvoy both decide to qualify for the US Open.

After paring the back 9 with only a 7 iron, Roy wants to see who can drive further with a 7? If you haven’t seen the 7-iron bet, you should check out the video. That ball was like the Energizer bunny.

Roy has never been one to simply win; he wants to win big. Not necessarily by several points, but with the shot that only he can make. “When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment or the moment defines you.” Roy said.

As the movie continues, McAvoy finds himself more and more infatuated with Dr. Griswold and confesses his love to her, which she quickly rejects.

Just days before the tournament, Roy gets the shanks in his swing, according to Romeo it’s because of Dr. Griswold. Romeo gets him back to par and gets him ready.

McAvoy is best known, at least in his mind, for taking the shots the other men won’t. This is where he gets into trouble. In all three rounds of the US Open, on the 18th hole, Roy lands 235 yards from the hole and tries to carry it over a water hazard.

In the first two rounds, after hitting the hazard, Roy elected to take a drop. But on the third round he kept going for it. Instead of lying up, he shot 6 shots into the water and then knocked his last ball in. He ended with a 12 and he gave away the US Open, but his shot was the shot of the tournament.

He got over his head problems and, if forgot to mention, he got the girl. It is a romantic comedy and if the cover of the movie didn’t give that away, I’m sorry if I spoiled it. But even though he gave away the lead, he finished in the top 15, which qualifies him for next year automatically.

It’s a movie about chasing after what you want and being who you are. It doesn’t seem like there is much character development throughout the story, and that is done mostly so we can have the scene on the 18th. Everything worked out for McAvoy even though he was ignorant and went for the green. The important thing to know is when you should press your luck and hit the impossible shot, or when you should layup and take the guaranteed road.

The Jailhouse’s own Michael Collins said, “It is the world’s worst game, and it’s the only game where you can hit the ball into the water 3 straight times and just because you don’t on the fourth swing, you think you’re improving.“ This movie isn’t about winning, and neither is golf. It’s about going out and enjoying yourself and loving the game.

*Image via Warner Bros. 

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