Taking Out the Trash: In Time

“I don’t have time” takes on a whole new meaning in this film. Your life is your money and it’s constantly ticking away. Everyone stops aging at 25 and are given one more year, unless you can earn more. But in the ghetto, that’s next to impossible.

Will Salas (Timberlake) can barely make it day-to-day. He just wants to “wake up with more time on my hand than hours in the day.” He works and earns more time, but it keeps ticking. In the wealthy part of the world, New Greenwich, the motto is “what’s the hurry,” people here can live forever but is it really living if you don’t do anything?

“For a few to be immortal, many must die.”

In Time is a social commentary on two things:

1. The police and the wealth’s lifestyle, as people die everyday in the ghetto. It is a new spin on the same old story, but it keeps things fresh and interesting. The rich don’t watch the poor die, they close their eyes and pretend that the problems aren’t there. There is mass murder in countries every day, but we turn off our televisions or put down the newspaper and go on with our lives. Those things don’t directly affect us, so it’s only for other people.

2. What do we do with our lives? We have a certain amount of time on this earth. We get a chance to go through life being too safe, or we can do something exciting and foolish. In Time takes a shot at all of us that just sit back and wait for life to come to us. Go out and do something. If you have money, don’t just save it all and wait, because before long it will have been too long.

The purpose of the movie is clear and is positive, give to the poor and don’t overlook the needs of your brother. In Time took a drastic and exciting look at this problem and tried to be a blockbuster. Unfortunately, the movie falls short. Character development often happens off screen and is uncertain for the viewers and the plot is fairly predictable. The ending is another problem. Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried become criminals and continue to rob banks to give to the needy, a real Robin Hood type of ending. But in a movie that tries to raise awareness about helping your fellow man, is being wanted really the best way to end that story?

In Time takes you on a ride. It’s a fun and exciting action film and Timberlake breaks up the drama with a few quick remarks. It hits all of the marks for an average movie, and that is exactly what it has become.

Rating: 4.9/10

*Image via 20th Century Fox

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