Minions (Preview)

In a spin-off of the well-received Despicable Me series, this installment tells the story of the minions. Small, yellow creatures that seem to have existed from the beginning of time, the minions only goal is to serve the greatest villain on the face of the earth. After managing to derail the ways of evil minds such as the T-Rex, Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Dracula, the minions decide to ostracize themselves.

Living on their own in the frozen tundra of Antarctica, the minions appear to be overcome with a sense of depression without a master to serve. In order to solve this problem, three of our favorite minions step up to help the heard. Kevin, along with a rebellious Stuart and a very young Bob, concoct an evil plan to serve the first-ever female super villain. In finding her, they travel through England and spread their minion mischief around the globe.

Release date: July 10

*Featured Image belongs to Universal Pictures

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