Mad Max: Fury Road (Review)

Just think about this for a moment. Take a two hour movie, leave 15 minutes at the beginning, 10 in the middle and 10 at the end. Now, take those 35 minutes and try to tell a story that connects a man, a woman, four wives, about 10 “mothers”, a freaky traitor and an evil god. It sounds impossible, but George Miller did it.  Mad Max is just shy of two hours, and used an hour and 15 minutes for adrenaline pumping, gasoline soaked, action.

Mad Max, as many people know, was a remake of the 80’s trilogy staring Mel Gibson. Sadly, I have not seen those movies. I tried to get my hands on a copy before going to see Fury Road, but I could not. Still, this did not matter.

Miller sets up this “world of fire” perfectly and gives just enough background for me to understand what the hell is going on. Max (Tom Hardy) used to be a cop, but is not living only to survive. After being captured, he is taken along as the War Boys chase Furiosa, Charlize Theron, who is trying to rescue the wives of the main villain. This movie, although called Mad Max, is really based around the bravery and drive of Furiosa. This became more of a feminist movie, which was interesting in one of the biggest action movies of the decade.

I watched this movie in a normal theater. No Imax, no 3-D, and I was not disappointed. The cinematography (I apologize if I sound like a nerd) was fantastic. Each shot was crisp and tight and left me with no doubts about what was happening.

Although I was completely exhausted and, to be honest, sweating when I left the theater, I wanted to go back and watch the entire movie over again.

Miller left some scenes in Mad Max that gave it the stereotypical feel, where Max comments about one of War Boys driving his car. “They took my blood, they took my car. What else can they take me?” In most movies, I would just moan and cringe at a statement like this, especially if Vin Diesel had said it in Furious 7. But these moments were so few and far between, it was refreshing to have a laugh in the middle of the action.

If you haven’t seen it, go. Go as fast as your car will take you. While there are it’s plot holes and continuity errors, Mad Max is just fun and exciting. And it’s action, is absolutely mad (Sorry for the pun).

*Rights to the image above go to Kennedy Miller Productions and Village Roadshow Productions

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