Insidious Chapter 3: Preview

Following the successful sequel Insidious: Chapter 2, Leigh Whannel and company are back for a third time. Originally to the dismay of viewers, the third installment had extremely low expectations until everyone learned the plot. Set as a prequel to the original two movies, the viewers are given a look at how Elise Rainier first began using her powers to help those around her. A teenage girl is contacted by an extremely dangerous supernatural entity and Elise is one of the few that can help her. Although reluctant, Elise eventually agrees to help her.

For those who were not complete fans of the first two movies, the third piece of the trilogy has almost a completely different cast, allowing for a fresh take to all. To be released June 5th, 2015;  Insidious: Chapter 3 should have a stronger box office present than most in the genre. One of the landmark franchises for this generation’s thriller/horror enthusiasts, Whannel and the entire cast have created what should be the final piece to a fantastic puzzle.

*Rights to the above image go to Focus Features and Stage 6 Films

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