How serious is Captain America’s injury?

Thanks to a young pitching staff, the New York Mets have started off this season strong. But their captain may not be able to play for quite a while. Third baseman David Wright has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, the same disease that forced former Met Lenny Dykstra to retire at the age of 35. Although it is not believed that this will cause Wright’s retirement, there is not a timetable on his return to the game.

Wright was placed on the disabled list due to a back injury back in 2013. The 7-time All Star is hopeful for a speedy recovery and hopes to play more than just the 8 games he has seen this season. Currently, David Wright is under contract and is owed $102 million through the 2020 season. Eric Campbell will manage the hot corner during Wright’s absence. ”I know he’s feeling a little better, what degree that is, I haven’t been able to find out but I hope if he’s still out there next week that he can get to San Diego. That’d be fun to have him come down and I think a lot of guys would like to have him in the clubhouse for a while.” Terry Collins, injury manager, said when asked about Wright.

Wright is expected to see a specialist sometime this week. The prognosis should give the Mets some insight on if they want to wait out the injury or look for trade possibilities on the open market.

*Featured Image Credit to Getty Images

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