Entourage Preview

The boys are back in town! Vincent Chase and his crew return to action, this time on the big screen (for real). The Entourage movie premieres June 5th…almost 4 years after its final season on HBO.

Last time we saw the gang, there were some major life changes going on. Not only were Sloan and Eric finally making things work, the master playboy himself Vinny was getting married as well. Also, Ari was offered the job that he had always dreamt about: being the head of a studio.

Based on the trailers for the upcoming movie, it seems that there are even more major events going on in the lives of our favorite Queens Boulevard guys. Now that Ari is in charge of the studio, of course he’s going to look out for his star and favorite client Vince by offering him a huge role. However, things are different this time around as Vincent now wants to direct. The success of the movie could make or break their careers.

Other important happenings are going to occur as well apparently. It seems as if Sloan is going into labor and Lloyd, Ari’s trusty assistant-turned-agent, is getting married. Turtle tries to date Ronda Rousey, while Johnny Drama is…well…just good old Johnny Drama. It seems as if the movie will be a whirlwind of excitement, and of course there will be plenty cameos (Russell Wilson, Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson, and Mark Wahlberg just to name a few).

While a movie was not completely necessarily to tie together the story lines of these great and fun characters, there is no doubt that it should be an enjoyable experience for the fans of the show.

*Rights to the image go to Entrourage and HBO

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