David Sandberg’s Kung Fury

I remember when I first saw a trailer for Kung Fury, I was certain that the movie would be ridiculous, and that it would be awesome.  When I saw that the film’s creator had shared it for free on YouTube, I was incredibly excited to see if Kung Fury was everything I’d expected.  Now, having watched it, I can say with confidence that I was right.  Kung Fury is ridiculous beyond belief, and it’s absolutely awesome.

The movie focuses on the titular Kung Fury, a police officer and martial arts master played by David Sandberg, who also wrote and directed the film.  It opens with Kung Fury taking down a murderous arcade machine, followed by a flashback to the traumatic event that led to Kung Fury becoming a Kung Fu cop.  From there, the plot becomes progressively more bizarre and hilarious, as Kung Fury’s friend uses computer hacking to send him back in time so that Kung Fury can defeat Hitler, the evil Kung Führer.  But after being sent too far back in time, Kung Fury meets gun-toting Vikings and a laser raptor as he finds a way to get back to Nazi Germany and finish his mission.  And no, that part about the raptor was not a typo.

I think that Kung Fury‘s greatest strength is its creativity and overall “fun” factor.  While the movie is clearly meant to trigger severe ’80s nostalgia, it’s still incredibly amusing for me, a guy born 13 years too late to ever witness the ’80s.  It’s bursting with corny jokes, ludicrous action, absurd violence, and a fantastic soundtrack.  I’d say the film’s glaring weakness, however, is that it’s something of a “niche” product.  If you don’t dig movies like The Running Man, Robocop, and The Terminator, then Kung Fury might not be for you.  At 31 minutes in total running time, it is exceptionally short.  If you find yourself hoping for two or more hours of impractically high-budget Hollywood entertainment, look elsewhere.  But for folks who want corny one-liners, tons of action, and a soundtrack that’s just dripping with synthesizers, Kung Fury is definitely worth watching. You won’t be disappointed.

*Featured Image belongs to Laser Unicorns

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