2015 MLB Draft (Preview)

On June 8th, the MLB Draft will begin and that means the realization for many young men that their lifelong dream is about to become a reality. This year there is not a clear cut favorite to be drafted with the first selection by the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The two names heard most often are Dansby Swanson and Brendan Rodgers. Both are shortstops with the ability to be great hitters at the major league level. After these two players go 1-2, I project that the Colorado Rockies will select the first pitcher. That could mean a number of guys, but the best selection may be Dillon Tate from Santa Barbara. The Astros have two picks in the top five, and will probably take an outfielder with their second selection.

Some sleepers to look for in this draft are Justin Hooper and Mike Matuella. Both of these players have huge upside, but they could also be huge busts. After the first few picks it’s hard to project where most players will end up.  The Atlanta Braves have six picks in the first eighty-nine selections which gives them plenty of room to take chances on some elite talent they may have went in the top twenty-five, but will fall in the draft due to injuries.  This year’s draft will have a huge impact on the future of some clubs that are on the bubble of being contenders or pretenders. If you would like to see some of these prospects with your on eyes stay tuned to the College World Series on ESPN.

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