Twenty One Pilots switch it up with “Blurry Face”

With their fourth album, Twenty One Pilots tried to change their style and tempo a little more, just to keep it interesting. Holding nothing back, the band cranked out 14 tracks, while continuing to give a serious and powerful message in the lyrics. While most of today’s music is made for the radio and for the masses, Twenty One Pilots don’t adhere to the standards and norms of the music industry. They clearly reference their feelings about getting their songs on the radio.

“Yo, this song will never be on the radio, even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote.”

Filling the tracks with Ukulele and Reggae, Twenty One Pilots are trying to find “a sweet spot”. The first 5 or 6 tracks keep it together, but in the later part of the album, the band begins to experiment and try out some new things. Although it
never falls apart and becomes appalling, it is not going to suit every listener. They have had a few missteps and have had their challenges, but like Tyler Joseph said, they are going to experiment and still deliver hits. This album tries to reach the point of their previous album, Vessel, but it just comes short. Listening to the album is a ride and it is so much fun to sing along with, but it is a dubstep/electronic/rap hybrid with some acoustic Ukulele thrown in. So fair warning.

Standout Tracks: Stressed Out, Ride, Tear in my Heart
Forgettable Tracks: Goner, We Don’t Believe What’s on TV

Rating: 6.8

*The featured image belongs to Twenty One Pilots

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